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Staresso coffeemaker
Staresso coffeemaker
Staresso coffeemaker
Staresso coffeemaker
  1. Black (¥288.00)
  2. Pink (¥288.00)
  3. Blue (¥288.00)
  4. Green (¥288.00)
  5. White (¥288.00)
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  • Easy and convenient espresso, latte, cappucino coffee maker! 

    Super simple.

    Add hot water and ground coffee! Pump it! And your coffee is ready. 

    Do you want to know how Staresso works? Copy/paste link below to see! 

    The link:

    Order Staresso today and receive FREE bag of espresso coffee beans on your order! 

    Got a question? Scan below and send us a message!



  • Pricing
    Our prices are fare. We focus on high quality specialty coffee only.
  • Shipping
    The flat rate all over China is 15 rmb.
  • Return and Refund
    If our coffee hasn't met your needs please contact us.
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