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Who we are. And how can we help you.😊


"You and coffee" it’s not just another coffee shop or coffee project. You and coffee it’s a wechat based coffee community, which helps people to find one simple thing. Great cup of coffee in China. 


Have you ever been at this kind of situation where you have that crave for great morning cup of coffee, but there aren’t that many coffee shops around you except for Starbucks coffee? And since you don’t know much about coffee culture in China, you end up ordering a cup from Luckin coffee or maybe treat yourself with a cup of instant coffee (which isn’t good and healthy option at all). 

你曾有过这样的经历吗——当你在清晨极度渴望一杯好咖啡的时候,但你周围似乎除了星巴克就没有几家咖啡馆了? 并且由于你并不是很了解中国的咖啡文化,最后你只能不得不叫一杯外卖咖啡或者泡一杯速溶——然而你知道这样并不健康。

But where do you start? How can you find that coffee which will suit your personal taste? Where are all of these professional coffee roasters and coffee shops locations?


That’s when “You and Coffee”’ comes in action. We are here to help you find all of them. No wasting money or time. No tears over bitter espresso. It’s over. Welcome to the world of specialty coffee in Chongqing. Yes. It exists. And now you are the part of it. 


We are the team of specialty coffee advisors who has been working with coffee over 3 years in China. During this journey we have met a lot of professional coffee roasters, coffee shops owners, coffee products manufactures from here and from overseas. And we are more then happy to share our experience and knowledge with you! 


What do we do? 我们做什么?

We educate foreign and Chinese people about specialty coffee by cooperating with Chinese roasters and hosting cupping activities, tastings.我们与国内烘焙师合作,提供国内及国际学生的精品咖啡培训。并且组织杯测及咖啡品鉴活动。

We help you and coffee roasters of China stay connected by providing their tasty coffee beans to you. 我们帮助你与重庆和成都的咖啡烘焙师们连接,为你提供优质的咖啡豆。

We create our own map of specialty coffee shops in China which will be available to you as our follower. 我们制作了一个关于重庆及成都精品咖啡馆的地图,在稍后会提供给你及所有的参与者们。

Are you ready to begin your journey in the world of specialty coffee? 


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