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Espresso coffee beans
Espresso coffee beans
Espresso coffee beans
Espresso coffee beans
  1. Woodpecker blend (¥88.00)
  2. Tiger blend (¥76.00)
  3. Chimp blend (¥50.00)
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  • Freshly roasted espresso coffee beans are available! 

    Do you prefer medium roast with notes of chocolate and nuts in your espresso? Then try Woodpecker blend. 

    Do you prefer medium dark roast with notes of cocoa, tabacco and slight bitterness? Then go for Tiger blend.

    Do you like dark roast coffee with really distinguished cocoa flavor and high bitterness? Then Chimp blend is for you! 

    All coffee beans can be ground on demand, just send us a msg on wechat,specifying type of grind, before you place your order. 

    * each bag contains 454 grams





  • Pricing
    Our prices are fare. We focus on high quality specialty coffee only.
  • Shipping
    The flat rate all over China is 15 rmb.
  • Return and Refund
    If our coffee hasn't met your needs please contact us.
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